On Sale! Trilithic 860 DSPi Multi-Function Cable Analyzer –

On Sale! Trilithic 860 DSPi Multi-Function Cable Analyzer –

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Trilithic 860 DSPi CATV Meters

Trilithic 860 DSPi Multi-Function Cable Analyzer

This Unit Has A Built In Cable Modem!!

Installed Options:
– Power Pack
– Enhanced Dig Vid
– QAM Source
– Ethernet
– Web Browser
– High Speed Thru
– CM To RJ45
– CM Dual Mac
– QAM Lite

860DSP 860DSPi DSP

Trilithic 860 DSPi 860DSPi Cable Analyzer Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

Free Cable TV Installer Starter Toolkit Included!
– Coax Cable Stripper (Brand New)
– Gilbert Termination Tool (Brand New)
– Coax Security Shield Wrench (Brand New)
– Coax Pocket Toner w/ Battery (Brand New)

– Test DOCSIS, cable modem performance and VoIP quality analysis levels
– DSP technology for quick, accurate measurements and high tech productivity
– Internet browser and server functions integrate with OSS and Workforce Management
– Large, easy-to-read display and simple user interface for shorter learning curve
– Efficient design for long battery life – up to five times that of competing instruments
– Adaptable platform grows to meet the needs of technicians at every tier
– The high-performance portable analyzer for the digital age.
– Now you can use a single instrument for all the critical transmission and signal quality tests you need to install and maintain analog, digital, HSD and VoIP services – without the pauses and boot-up delays of other field analyzers.

You can also easily upgrade the 860 DSPi for new applications – right in the field – or add powerful options like high-resolution spectrum analysis, QAM and QPSK constellation displays and a wide range of return path tests, all without impacting size or weight. TraffiControl Feature Enables troubleshooting ingress and impulse noise within an active upstream channel band. QAM Source Mode This is one means for verifying the upstream transmission capability of a particular segment of the network for higher order QAM signals, up to 64 QAM. Many cable systems have stepped from QPSK to 16 QAM and now are moving to 64 QAM for upstream data transmission. 8 VSB functionality This optional feature allows the operator to connect an off air antenna to the 860 DSP input port and read level, MER, BER, and view constellation and equalizer tap information on 8 VSB channels. High speed Throughput This option allows the technician to test upstream/downstream data path throughput to the full range of the bonded channels. This is a valuable tool for verifying provisioning as well as bandwidth availability at customer homes or at key test points in the system. Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS) Provides periodic grants for an upstream service flow without the need for a cable modem to transmit bandwidth requests. Advanced CSO / CTB in-channel functionality Enables in-service testing when used with a 3rd party Line Blanker. Line Viewer Utility This is feature that can be used to verify the line blanking.

Trilithic 860 DSPi

Range: 5 MHz-1 GHz
Accuracy: @25° C +/-0.75 dB Over temp (-18 to +50° C): +/-2.0 dB (Analog), +/-2.5 dB (Digital)
Resolution: 0.1 dB

Carrier-to-Noise (In-service, non-scrambled standard channels only)
Min Input Level for Full Range: +10 dBmV
Dynamic Range: 50 dB
Resolution: < 0.5 dB

Hum (In-service, non-scrambled standard channels only)
Minimum Input Level: 0 dBmV
Range: 0 to 5%
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: +/- 0.5%

Depth of Modulation (In-service, non-scrambled standard channels only)
Range: 50 to 100%
Resolution: 0.5%
Audio Demodulation: FM Carriers

Max Number of Carriers: 10
Hi / Lo Delta Resolution: 0.1 dB
Scan: Video, Audio, Pilot, and Digital Carriers; includes total power measurement

Forward (Sweepless) Sweep Mode
Frequency Range: 4 MHz to 1 GHz
Display Span: User definable
Display Scale: 1, 2, 5, or 10 dB/division
Display Range: 6 vertical divisions
Sweep Rate (78 channels): ~ 500 ms

Spectrum Mode
Spans: User selectable in 10 kHz steps
Display Scale: 1, 2, 5, or 10 dB/division
Range: 7 vertical lines
Detection & Dwell: Selectable Detector Modes (Narrow or Wide) and Dwell Time
Spurious Free Dynamic Range: 60 dB @ 25° C (+50 dBmV)
Sensitivity: -40 dBmV (5 MHz to 1 GHz)

Zero Span Mode
Video Bandwidth: Digital averaging
Resolution Bandwidth: 10, 30, 100, & 300 MHz; 1, 3 MHz
Pulse Measurement Accuracy: Nominal level in < 7 ms, +/- 2 dB for nominal in 4 ms (300 kHz RBW)
Sweep Times: 50 ms to 20 sec in 1, 2, 5 settings
Intermodulation Distortion (CSO/CTB)
Range: = 60 dB
Resolution: 0.1 dB

860 DSPi

QAM Measurements
Modulation Types: ITU J.83 Annex A, B, C QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, & 256 QAM(at symbol rates from 2 MSPS to 6.9 MSPS)
Measurable Input (Lock) Range: 64 QAM: -20 to +50 dBmV (typical) 256 QAM: -15 to +50 dBmV (typical)
Frequency Tuning: 5 MHz to 1 GHz
BER (64 & 256 QAM, pre & post FEC): 10-4 to 10-9
MER: 64 & 256 QAM, 6 MHz Channel Bandwidth: Range: 21 to 38 dB, Accuracy (typical): ±1.5 dB
64 & 256 QAM, 8 MHz Channel Bandwidth: Range: 21 to 35 dBAccuracy (typical): ±2.0 dB
EVM: 64 QAM, 6 or 8 MHz Channel Range: 1.1% to 8.1% Accuracy: ±0.5% (1.1 to 2.0%) ±1.0% (2.1 to 4.2%) ±1.6% (4.3 to 8.1%)
256 QAM, 6 or 8 MHz Channel Range: 1.1% to 5.3% Accuracy: ±0.5% (1.1 to 2.0%) ±0.8% (2.1 to 4.2%)

QAM Level Measurement
Signal Types: QPSK; QAM (16, 32, 64, 128, & 256)
Range: -40 to +50 dBmV
Accuracy @ 25° C: +/- 1.25 dB

Power Source
Charging Time: 4 Hours
Operating Time, Continuous Use: ~4 hours

Weight: 4.75 lbs.
Operating Temperature Range: -18 to +50° C (0 to 122° F)

Condition: Refurbished / Calibrated
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange

Trilithic 860 DSPi Multi-Function Cable Analyzer (BC# 13358) With Options:
-Power Pack
-Enhanced Dig Vid
-QAM Source
-Web Browser
-High Speed Thru
-CM To RJ45
-CM Dual Mac
-QAM Lite
Battery Pack
AC Adapter/Charger
Power Cord
User Manual on CD-ROM
Carrying Case With Strap

Cable TV Installer Starter Toolkit
-Coax Cable Stripper (Brand New)
-Gilbert Termination Tool (Brand New)
-Coax Security Shield Wrench (Brand New)
-Coax Pocket Toner w/ Battery (Brand New)

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Trilithic 860 DSPi Spec Sheet


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